First 1001 Days as a Parent
Having a baby can be an amazing and joyful time

Having a baby can be an amazing and joyful time. At the same time, it might feel overwhelming and perhaps even scary – especially if the news that you are having a baby came as a surprise. It can also be a confusing time, with contradictory advice from family members, friends and online.

Over the coming weeks and months there will be many changes, not only for you but for your body and the baby growing inside you. The biggest change will be meeting and learning to care for your new baby. We know that needing to learn so much at once can cause extra stress, so we’ve collated all the best advice to help make this time easier.

From pregnancy until your baby’s second birthday, this can be your go-to source of information. It provides lots of practical advice, hints, and tips to help support you. It should be used together with the NHS Choices website.

We hope this advice will help you understand some of the basics – but no doubt you will still want to speak with friends, family and professionals as your child grows and you continue to grow into your new evolving role as parents.